A Shot Worth Taking: Meet our Contest Finalists

A Shot Worth Taking: Meet our Contest Finalists

As we all know, many celebrations and fun moments have been put on hold over the past year. But a new exhibition at the Seaport District’s Night Gallery turns the spotlight back onto joy. In collaboration with the Seaport, Hornitos Tequila hosted a social contest to help fill feeds with images of over-the-top celebrations, collected under the umbrella of “A Shot Worth Taking.”

The winning images, selected by the Hornitos Tequila team, will be displayed at Night Gallery through April 30th. Here, we get the stories behind the wining shots from the finalists themselves.


Gaëlle Baptiste


Gaëlle lives, works and plays in New York. Her job is in software development, but the image she submitted for the contest has a decidedly out-of-office vibe.

Her shot worth taking was taken: In August, 2020, in Cabo. I went to visit a friend who was working remotely there for a few weeks.

What the image means to her: This picture signifies the joy of simply being outside with friends we’ve missed out on seeing during the pandemic. I was so excited and yet so nervous to travel during that time, but it was so worth it. It was a glimpse into what we once had but took for granted. A reminder to always be grateful and cherish the little moments.

Fun Details: The swimsuit, wrap and headband (which is actually the belt from the wrap) I’m wearing is from a Nigerian designer named Andrea Iyamah, @andreaiyamah. I think that’s a pomegranate margarita I’m drinking. I usually opt for a margarita, and Hornitos is so smooth and it’s inexpensive, so it’s always a winner for me. This shot was actually an outtake taken when I was trying to sit down. LOL

What she’s most looking forward to: The things that New York is made of—street fairs, cookouts, day parties, loud music, kids playing in the fire hydrant spray, hearing Mr. Softee. Oh—And let’s not forget travel!


Linnea Sage


Linnea is an actor who has lived in FiDi for over a decade. Her fiancé Paul, seen in the photo Linnea submitted, is also an actor.

Her shot worth taking was taken: After we had a dividing wall built in our new apartment to create a recording studio. Paul convinced me that the owner of the company wanted to send a professional photographer to showcase the wall on his website. I totally fell for it. After the “wall photographer” took 150 photos of the wall, Paul casually asked if she could take a photo of us in front of it—to celebrate our new home and maybe it would be “next year’s holiday card.” He pulled a fast one on me and it turned out that wall photographer was actually a hired engagement photographer!

What the image means to her: I submitted the image because of its focus on the Seaport. I feel home here, the photo was taken here, and I appreciate that Hornitos essentially wanted to honor the residents. I’m glad my fiancé took the shot, but I’m pretty sure he knew I was going to say yes.

Fun Details: After the proposal, we took silly photos around our new empty home, including on the current scaffolding outside our living room. This is my favorite sweater. I love it so much. I ordered it online two years ago and wear it as often as possible.

What she’s most looking forward to: This year was a rollercoaster! It was certainly tough not being able to celebrate our engagement with a traditional party surrounded by all our local friends. But we rolled with the punches. As soon as we’re immune we’re getting a well-deserved and long-awaited massage in Chinatown, our neighbors to the north.


Maxine Barrett

Photo submitted by Charine Sills, @i_charine

Maxine works in the emergency room at Hackensack Medical Center. Her eldest daughter Charine is a substitute teacher and mom of four. Both live in New Jersey. Charine submitted this photo of her mom with the caption, “Because my mama is a cool vibe ????.”

Her shot worth taking was taken:

Maxine: In Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in February. This was my first time zip-lining, which was so much fun. I was not afraid at all. I was so free in the air, like I had no care in the world.

What the image means to her:

Charine: I submitted this photo because it defines my mother’s personality in one shot—fun, free and fabulous! My mother has a stress-free soul. She is a beautiful person inside and out. She inspires me in so many ways.

Fun Details:

Charine: She was in Mexico for her 57th birthday. I was nervous about her traveling out of the country but she has motivated me to travel, be free, be safe, and to stay positive.

Maxine: Charine knows I’m a lot of fun and I love to enjoy myself. The guys that work at the zip-line place said I was a pro. I can’t wait to do it again.

What she’s most looking forward to:

Maxine: When this pandemic is over. I’m just going to enjoy my life, travel, and spend many days at the beach.

Charine: I’m looking forward to creating more happy memories with family and friends. We’re headed to Puerto Rico for Mother’s Day, and I can’t wait to enjoy the trip with my mother and sisters. We have to focus on and appreciate the good, no matter what circumstances we face.


Come and check out the “A Shot Worth Taking” images on display at Night Gallery, 190 Front Street, from April 1–30, 2021.