Block Party, Bastid Style

Block Party, Bastid Style

New music. Classic jams. Remixed… with a side of BBQ. There’s nothing quite like a high-energy summer block party. Skratch Bastid, who just brought his star-studded block party Bastid’s BBQ to the Seaport, knows a thing or two about how to turn a summer afternoon into an epic affair. 

Bastid (born Paul Murphy) rose to prominence via the DJ battle circuit in the late 1990s and early 2000s, winning over crowds with his music knowledge and showmanship. He plays crowd favorites and new music, and is a huge supporter of fellow talent in the DJ world.

Bastid's BBQ at the Seaport

In case you missed Bastid’s BBQ here on August 20, Bastid is here to give us the scoop on the best DJs in the business—and how we can keep those summer block party vibes going as we head into fall.

What was the genesis of Bastid’s BBQ?

Bastid’s BBQ started as a way to bring DJ/hip-hop fans and partygoers together outside of traditional evening club hours. I had been doing so many sets at nighttime in dark clubs that I wanted a change of scenery and vibe. To do this, we built the event around three things: Good music, good food, and good people.

Skratch Bastid throwing mercy to fans

Why did you choose the Seaport for this year’s Bastid’s BBQ in NYC?

It’s an amazing central location with great views and accessibility. And, of course, it’s an iconic natural home—in the birthplace of hip-hop, New York City.

What’s Bastid’s BBQ secret? What do the crowds come out for?

I think our “Good music, good food, and good people” ethos attracts people, and the experience brings people back. People see us having a good time in other cities and want to do it in their own city, or travel to a new city to experience it. We offer diverse lineups for all ages and most musical tastes to enjoy, and we bring new faces out with some classic performers as well.

Block Party with Skratch Bastid at the Seaport

What qualities do you look for in other DJs and performers who share the stage with you?

That’s honestly one of the hardest parts of the whole operation, because I meet a lot of artists in my travels and online, and I’d love to have so many of them on, but there are only so many slots I can fill. Year after year, I take notes on scenes/cities and try to make sure I give slots to good people. I look for artists who are creative, positively energetic, have an original style, and who are active and working at their craft.

Tell us about the lineup who joined you at the Seaport event this month.

It’s the 50th anniversary of hip-hop this year, so with the NYC BBQ, I leaned a bit more in that direction. Kid Capri and Tony Touch are NYC DJ legends. Diamond D is a triple threat: DJ, producer, and MC. Statik Selectah is one of the most active and consistent producers and DJs in the game right now, with albums, radio shows, and don’t sleep on his live DJ sets! He rocks it. DJ Perly is one of the current active battle-circuit DJs that I have my eye on. Always showing off her skills. And DJ Center and DJ Kharisma were two DJs that I met through online DJ streaming (something I worked on in 2020/21 and stay current with even now), who I respect and wanted to bring together in a real-life setting.

Food vendors at Bastid's BBQ party

What’s your favorite BBQ dish and why?

Our jerk chicken because it’s the best!

What are your favorite tracks of summer 2023? What’s been in heavy rotation?

This is actually a bit of a challenging question that has been hotly debated in DJ circles. My sets are a combination of new music and classic music, live remixed and presented in a hip-hop fashion, regardless of its original genre. So my interests are all over the map. I’ve enjoyed Burna Boy’s consistently hot output. Music from the band SAULT from the UK, Jorja Smith “Little Things,” another UK heater. I actually choose a Record of the Week on my YouTube channel and live streams, and I invite you to check out 22 from this year so far here

Skratch Bastid

How can we keep the summer / block party vibes going as summer wraps up and we head into fall?

Follow me on socials! And for sure, streaming. What developed over the lockdowns and slow years was a great resource to stay connected with my fans and listeners. I invite you to join me on Twitch every Tuesday starting at 10AM for my “Tuesday Morning Coffee” program. Twitch is interactive and so much fun. But anywhere you’re at on the Internet, I’m probably there. Look for a Bastid.

What else is new in your world? 

I’m the proud father of my second child, who’s three months old! So, if I’m not in your city long this year, just know I’m on dad duty and will be back with more squad at the next BBQ.

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