Happy Active Kids

Happy Active Kids

Keeping kids occupied in winter—it’s no easy task. But it is doable. Shari Vilchez-Blatt, the creator and director of Karma Kids Yoga (one of our Seaport Fit partners) has some quick, fun and easy ideas for keeping children active as we head into the colder months.  First, a reminder: “Kids have a lot of natural energy,” says Shari. “It’s important to expel that energy. It’s also important to recognize when we also need to slow down and rest.” 

Over to Shari, with her favorite suggestions for keeping kids active: 

Exercise together.

It makes it so much more fun for everyone. Try a family yoga, cardio or Zumba class, or go for a family run. You could set a goal or join a local 5K to make it more exciting (and to run for a cause).

Create an obstacle course in your home. 

Yes, even if you live in a small apartment!  Make sure it includes all kinds of movement, fun challenges, and the right amount of ridiculousness. Have your child create one or more of the “stations” for the course. Some ideas: holding your tree pose for three breaths; five push-ups; “boop” Dad’s nose without waking him up… Have fun with it! 

Be creative in your community. 

You can set up a scavenger hunt or community “challenge” in your neighborhood. Activities might include: Going into Starbucks and learning the name of all the baristas; telling three people to have a wonderful day; finding out your doorman’s favorite song; or getting to know three local dogs. 

Get outside. 

Even if it’s cold out, it can be fun. Try going for a listening walk—no talking, just listening, until you get home, and you can name all the things you heard. Another idea: Grab a speaker and go outside with glow lights for a dance party. Being outdoors invites others to join in, too.

Movie and a play. 

Is there a movie that your child knows by heart? Act it out as you watch the movie. Dress up! Sing when they sing. Dance when they dance. Bonus points if you take video. 

Fun exercise that we tend to forget is exercise.

Hula hooping, jump roping, dancing. Decorate the hula hoops with tape. Bedazzle your jump rope, too. Enlist your child’s help in creating the playlist for your session. 

Rest Day. 

Stay in your pajamas all day—but be “active” in your resting. Watch movies.  Read books. Cuddle. Nap. Eat comfort foods. Breathe and be together.  

Some Bonus Quick Tips 

A lightning round of super easy ways to entertain the kids: 

  • Get weird: Speak in a different voice, walk silly, dance to get somewhere, sing instead of talk.
  • Create new games: Teach each other a game or create a new one as a team. 
  • Change up mealtimes: Breakfast for dinner, themed lunches. 
  • Volunteer: Do good in your community or for a cause close to your heart. 


​For more information on kids and family yoga classes, visit the Karma Kids website.