Tastes Like Summer at Ssäm Bar

Tastes Like Summer at Ssäm Bar

A pier-side patio. An irresistible menu. At Momofuku’s Ssäm Bar, there’s no better time to pair this scenario with a delicious summer-inspired cocktail or two. The good news? The restaurant has a list of fun beverages to choose from — all of them ideal companions to Ssäm Bar’s raw bar and other menu options from Chef Eunjo Park. How does a peachy gin and tonic sound? Or a spicy margarita made with Korean pepper–infused tequila? 

For something especially refreshing and seasonal, Momofuku Beverage Manager Haera Shin recommends the Summer of George. 

“This is our mezcal and cachaca cocktail with tropical flavors lent by pineapple and passionfruit,” says Haera.  

Summer of George ingredients: 

Union mezcal
Crème de banana

“Doenjang is a Korean soybean paste which adds a savory touch to balance it all out,” says  Haera.  

As for that name? “Fun fact: the cocktail is named after the Seinfeld episode where George is hospitalized due to being idle all summer.”  

Fuel your own idle summer days at Ssäm Bar at Pier 17. Open Monday–Sunday, 5–10pm. 

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