Wellness Wednesday: Fight Pandemic Fatigue

Wellness Wednesday: Fight Pandemic Fatigue

Health worries. Work anxiety. COVID-19 has brought more stress into our lives—understandably. But as we continue to navigate the ever-changing challenges of the pandemic, it’s important to try and manage that stress. If we don’t, we may be at risk for what some experts are calling “post-COVID stress disorder.”

According to doctors at NewYork-Presbyterian, symptoms of stress can include difficulty sleeping and concentrating, irritability, anxiety, and an increase in feelings of moodiness. A recent NewYork-Presbyterian Health Matters article, Understanding Pandemic-Related PTSD, delves further into stress related to the pandemic, detailing how the stress can affect us physically and mentally. The good news? The piece also outlines nine ways to recover your mental health, with tips from NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center attending psychologist Dr JoAnn Difede. The advice is a mix of physical approaches, like exercising regularly and prioritizing your rest and diet, and mindful tactics such as making social connections and embracing the power of positivity.

NYP Health & Well-Being Coach Hajra Jaffer has even more stress-busting strategies in another Health Matters article, How to Fight Pandemic Fatigue: 15 Self-Care Tips. As Jaffer writes, “Now more than ever, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we need to take small steps to focus on our well-being, because every little thing we do counts in helping manage our stress.”

If you find yourself feeling fatigued by the pandemic (or other challenges), bookmark the graphic in the Health Matters piece for some quick reminders of those little things that can help—like taking a stretch break in between answering emails, lighting an aromatherapy candle, or going to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual.

As some of our initial excitement about getting back out into the world has been tempered by the realities of the ongoing pandemic, these simple tips can make all the difference—and prevent us from developing more serious post-COVID stress disorder. So go on—take that break and call a friend for a chat. It’s good for you!

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