Eat Clean. Stay Strong.

Eat Clean. Stay Strong.

Healthy living in the city. Free fitness classes are just the beginning. Pairing Seaport Fit workouts with healthy eating? That’s a recipe for success. 

Our friends at NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital help make Seaport Fit possible—and their experts have top tips on leading a healthy lifestyle, starting with food to fuel those workouts.

Easy Ways to Eat Clean
In a recent NewYork-Presbyterian Health Matters article, 7 Tips for a Healthy Eating Lifestyle, cardiologist Hooman Yaghoobzadeh of NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center sings the praises of plant-based whole foods diets and the Mediterranean diet. He also supports the American Heart Association’s diet and lifestyle recommendations for anyone looking to overhaul their eating. The main goals to keep in mind? Reducing sugar. Increasing fiber. Reducing processed foods. And reducing saturated fat. 

How much are we talking? Dr. Yaghoobzadeh recommends making around 85% of your diet plant-based, with some seafood (10%). That last five percent? That’s your cheat day, when you can enjoy your favorite dessert, cheese, or animal-based foods. 

Don’t worry if this seems daunting for now. As the Health Matters article explains, “incremental steps are proven to have incremental benefits.” Read all of Dr. Yaghoobzadeh’s tips here  

(For more healthy eating inspo, check out the farm-to-table menu at Malibu Farm and the fresh seafood dishes at The Fulton.) 

Eat For Your Brain, Too
Those Seaport Fit classes will tone your body but what about your mind? As Health Matters explains, focusing on foods with certain nutritional qualities can help promote overall brain health and keep you feeling sharper for longer. Click through to read more from Helen Mullen, a clinical nutritionist with NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, and check out a graphic that explains the difference between good fats and bad fats.

The Truth About Juice
Juice fasts. Green juice. Drinking your fruit and vegetables is often seen as an efficient way to “eat” healthy. But is it as effective as, well, eating? NewYork-Presbyterian clinical nutritionists Shira Sussi and Helen Mullen take on the juice craze in this article from Health Matters. The upshot? Don’t forget to load up your plate with good greens, even if you do enjoy a refreshing juice post-workout. 

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