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NFTS NOW at 0x.17 Gallery

This show has now ended.

For the first time, George and Lipton will show key works from their shared collection in a physical gallery. The exhibition marks a moment in time for NFTs and digital art collecting and points to an exciting future for the medium.

The works curated by George and Lipton encompass their journey and thoughts on digitizing collectables via blockchain technology and feature a wide range of works and use cases including — digital-native artists, photography, traditional artists entering the space, profile pictures, utility, digital land and gaming.


This show has ended.

Pier 17, 89 South Street

Featured Works

Jamie George: @BoredClint
Harris Lipton: @Mealsandeals
Beeple: @Beeple
Fewoious: @FEWOCiOUS
Lisa Nicole: @love_thy_land
TJO: @0XTjo
Guido: @GuidoDisalle
John Knopf: @JohnKnopfPhotos
Dana Taylor: @itsdanataylor
Cath Simard: @cathsimard_
Drifter Shoots: @DrifterShoots
Bored Ape Yacht Club: @BoredApeYC
Mutant Ape Yacht Club: @BoredApeYC
Bored Ape Kennel Club: @BoredApeYC
World of Woman: @worldofwomennft
Clonex: @RTFKT
Meebit: @MeebitsNFTs
1989 Sisters: @BlondeLasagna
Nina’s Super Cool World: @ninachanel
MOAR: @sirjoancornella
Amber Vittoria: @amber_vittoria
Todd James Art Party: @ToddJamesREAS
Otherside: @OthersideMeta
Gallery of Digital Artists (GODA): @TheGoda_io