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On Water

This show has now ended.

Join 0x.17 NFT Gallery for their new On Water show and explore works from 26 digital artists living in and around New York City.

You are standing at one of the points in New York City where concrete turns to water, hard gives way to soft and flowing blue or gray or sunset pink. It’s not such a curious truth that so many artists have rendered or evoked water in its many states. 

Each piece represents water in its own distinctive way, manipulating pixels into that most primitive of substances that we originated from and hold within us. In this way, each artist finds their own place on the boundary between industry and nature.



On View:
March 9 – April 6, 2023

Curated By:
Emily Edelman

Open daily from 10am-8pm

Ground Floor
Pier 17, 89 South Street

Featured Works

Maps of Nothing #307 by Steve Pikelny: @steviepxyz
Memories of Qilin #767 by Emily Xie: @emilyxxie
how you see me #2 by Lars Wander: @larswander
100 Sunsets #22 by Zach Lieberman: @zachlieberman
Streamlines #12 by Matt Jacobson: @numsinmotion
Existence & Immortality / 10 MAY 2022 by Jack Dillé: @Jack_Dille
This Would Be Some Cool Ambient Album Art #033 by Erin Wajufos: @erinwajufos
Symbol1 #97 by Emily Weil: @emilyaweil
Pseudofigure #110 by conundrumer: @conundrumer
Alan Ki Aankhen #150 by Fahad Karim: @fahadfalls
Marine by RalenArc: @RalenArc
AguAmiga by LoVid: @lovidlovid
Martin #100 by Emily Edelman: @emailyedelman
Maps #75 by John Provencher: @hahajohnx
Democracity #5 by Generative Artworks: @_GenArtworks_
Waveform Artifacts 2022 by Harvey Rayner: @patterndotco
Transparent Grit by Dmitri Cherniak: @dmitricherniak
Goodbye Farewell .com by Rafaël Rozendaal: @newrafael
Sparkfall by Jason Ting: @_jzlabs
Venice by Bryan Brinkman: @bryanbrinkman
Digital Current Sea by Mills: @MillsxArt
Liquid Ruminations #167 By Eliya Stein: @prettyblocks
Glitch More Water by The Visceral Glitch: @GlitchVisceral
Orchids #79 by Luke Shannon: @luke_shannon_
Lost in a dream #0 By kcdilla: @kcdilla_eth
Regenerative Poem IV by Sasha Stiles: @sashastiles