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SN37 Gallery: Shaniqwa Jarvis

Please note this event has now ended. 

Dreams. Memories. Fantasies. Imaginations. This is the world of Sleep to Dream by Shaniqwa Jarvis, SN37 Gallery’s fifth show at the Seaport. Showcasing photographs and one print on silk, the exhibition explores the hazy space where photography and dreamscape meet. Here, Jarvis invites her subconscious into her practice, producing images that are more abstract compared to her more traditional portraiture work. Photographs of a snowy road, an explosive splash in green waters, and the reaching limbs of an evergreen are shown with a black and white image of a person staring out at a foggy shore. Jarvis’s work will be presented against black gallery walls so that the images emerge from darkness as equally as they emerge from light.

SN37 donates proceeds of each exhibition to an organization of the artists’ choosing; the proceeds from the sale of works from Jarvis’s show will be donated to the Harlem School of the Arts.


Shaniqwa Jarvis is a photographer known for her sensitive approach to capturing culture, from streetwear and high fashion to the arts. Her subjects have included Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams, Christy Turlington and Serena Williams. Jarvis has collaborated with brands such as The North Face, Supreme, Jil Sander, Nike and adidas. She is a regular speaker, who aims to youth, women, people of color and anyone who aspires to create.


SN37 is a creative agency that represents a diverse roster of celebrated image makers such as Shaniqwa Jarvis, Adrienne Raquel, Luke Gilford and Micaiah Carter and seeks to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all viewers to engage with the arts. SN37 is dedicated to representing a new era of multifaceted image makers across art, advertising and entertainment. Their new gallery space, located at the Seaport, showcases a diverse group of image makers, bringing their work to life for the New York City community. Through engaging, inclusive, artist-focused programming, the SN37 Gallery aims to provide a welcoming space for all viewers.