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Seaport 3.0 is dedicated to harnessing the best of next-gen tech to create IRL experiences like no other–bridging the gap of virtual and physical reality. Alongside partners who share the same vision, come discover thoughtfully-curated installations, activations, and events that prioritize community building and spotlight the evolving world of boundary-pushing innovation.

What’s On S+4

Michael Sharp

The Future is Bright at 3fivetwo

What does the future hold? What place does emerging technology have in creativity? How can brands use it to their advantage, all while crafting a compelling and authentic customer journey IRL? It’s questions like these, among others, that are being explored at 3fivetwo—a new type of space that defies linear explanation, located at Pier 17.

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Dave Krugman

In a Neo Noir World with Dave Krugman

Cryptoart may sound intimidating to the uninitiated, but to photographer and crypto artist Dave Krugman, this newly-established medium simply centers around fostering community. The artist, whose “Neo Noir” series of New York City photographs are now on display at The Seaport’s 0x.17 NFT gallery, believes there’s beauty in embracing the intangible.

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Johana Kroft

Q&A with 3D Artist Johana Kroft

Non-fungible tokens. Digital experimentation. Artist Johana Kroft, who designed tokens for the Seaport Scavenger Hunt powered by MoonPay, takes us inside her creative process.

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3FiveTwo Gallery


0x.17 NFT Gallery entrance

3fivetwo Gallery