Summer, Meet Fall. At Mister Dips.

Summer, Meet Fall. At Mister Dips.

Clear sunny days. Cool breezes. September is an in-between season—but one of the best times to be out and about in NYC. Warm day? It’s still ice-cream weather. Crisp night? A hearty burger is in order. At Mister Dips, you can satisfy both cravings—and then some. Jason Casey, culinary director for Mister Dips, takes us on a spin of the fall—and late-summer—menu.


A fall classic. You’ve had pumpkin spice in beverages and pastries—why not ice cream? The Mister Dips team tinkered with ways to turn the beverage into a dairy dip full of fall flavor. The result? A spiced-pumpkin soft serve dipped in caramel coating and sprinkled with instant espresso powder from Medaglia d’Oro. To top it all off? A pumpkin-spice malted milk ball.

BBQ Bacon Burger

Not ready to relinquish summer flavors and time outdoors? Good news: The summer Griddle Burger is still available at Mister Dips. The BBQ Bacon Burger is a single burger stacked with double-smoked bacon, American cheese, and spicy red slaw. With a smokey base and barbeque layer, it closes out with a spicy kick. This burger came to fruition via the talented chef at The William Vale, Anthony Ricco. The last day to grab the BBQ Bacon Dip is September 21st, so make sure to get yours soon.

Bacon Hatch Chili Dip

Hot on the heels of the BBQ Bacon Dip? Another bacon-flavored delight, the Bacon Hatch Chili Dip, which is the upcoming seasonal Griddle Burger debuting on September 22nd. The burger’s ingredients signal the cooler weather on the horizon, with smoked bacon, spicy pepper jack cheese, and sriracha-verde sauce. Prime your taste buds now; this one packs some heat.

Berry Gibbs

Strawberry, nilla wafer, and sweet cream: the Berry Gibbs is a satisfying refresher for late summer days. The Dairy Dips at Mister Dips are a nod to the old-school: specialty dipped ice cream cones in fun flavors. Accordingly, this one has an old-school name, with a nod to the Bee Gees singer whose voice may be familiar from throwback disco nights and retro roller-skating rinks.

Blackberry Buttermilk

Craving another kind of late-summer berry? Meet the Blackberry Buttermilk, a Dipsy Doozy (the Mister Dips take on a classic shake). This one has Tahitian vanilla and organic churned buttermilk. With blackberry as the base, the added sourness of the buttermilk makes the milkshake drink less heavy—leaving you with a timeless, refreshing dairy dessert.

Java Buzzed

Initially, Mister Dips shakes were made sans alcohol. To switch it up, the team created the Boozy Doozy, an adult-only shake. Java Buzzed is made with sea-salted vanilla, Baileys Irish Cream whiskey and caramel cold brew—which can either add a pep to your step or function as a nightcap. Heading back to the office? Alcohol not your thing? You can order the Java Buzzed as a virgin shake. However you take it, you might get some surprise hits of dulce de leche you get as you stir your straw around the outside of the cup. A teaser, if you will, to tempt you into coming back for more.

About Mister Dips

Mister Dips was born in 2016 within a retrofitted 1974 Airstream trailer at The William Vale’s Vale Park, a 15,000 square-foot public green space overlooking the Williamsburg waterfront. Five years later, in 2021, the Mister Dips team opened its first brick-and-mortar location on Pier 17 here at the Seaport in downtown Manhattan.

The Seaport location serves Mister Dips’ signature griddle burgers, waffle fries, Chixy Dips and a list of playful Dairy Dips along with some newer additions: the Dipsy Doozy & the Boozy Doozy, extra thick shakes in four exciting flavors. Follow @eatmisterdips on Instagram to stay in the loop. Mister Dips is open daily from 11:30am–10pm.