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The SN37 Gallery space showcases a diverse group of image makers, bringing their work to life for the New York City community. Through engaging, inclusive, artist-focused programming, SN37 Gallery aims to provide a welcoming space for all viewers.

The gallery space will be home to five rotating exhibitions in total and is the first not-for-profit space produced by SN37. Proceeds from each show will be donated to an organization of the artist’s choosing.

What's On

SN37 Gallery
204 Front Street

National Anthem by Luke Gilford
July 14 – August 28
Wednesdays – Sundays, 12pm-8pm

Open Now

National Anthem

By Luke Gilford

July 14 – August 28, 2022

Rural America. Bold portraiture. Step inside the diverse and ever-evolving queer rodeo circuit. For its fourth exhibition, the Seaport’s SN37 Gallery welcomes the work of filmmaker and photographer Luke Gilford. Born in Denver, Colorado, Gilford spent four years traveling the Southwest to document the thriving queer communities in rural areas of the country. This culminated in Gilford’s first monograph, National Anthem, published in 2020 — and now, in his first solo show in New York. National Anthem features large-scale prints of Gilford’s images that capture the deep kinship in the queer rodeo world.

SN37 donates proceeds of each exhibition to an organization of the artists’ choosing; the proceeds from the sale of works from Gilford’s show will be donated to the International Gay Rodeo Association.

About SN37

SN37 is dedicated to representing a new era of multifaceted image makers across art, advertising and entertainment. Their new gallery space, located at the Seaport, showcases a diverse group of image makers, bringing their work to life for the New York City community. Through engaging, inclusive, artist focused programming, SN37 Gallery aims to provide a welcoming space for all viewers.


Past Shows


By artists in the Creator Labs Cohort

May 20, 2022 – July 3, 2022

Inclusion. Impact. Image-makers. SEEN is the newest show at the SN37 Gallery featuring work from 20 artists in this season’s Creator Labs cohort – all photographed on Google Pixel. Creator Labs is a visual arts incubator founded by SN37 and Google to support photographers and directors, and is in its sixth season.

Artists on show include Adrian Octavius Walker, Aidan Cullen, Andre Wagner, Andy Jackson, Anthony Prince Leslie, Chiara Gabellini, Coyote Park, Glassface, Kennedi Carter, Lawrence Agyei, MaryV, Mayan Toledano, Micaiah Carter, Myesha Evon Gardner, Myles Loftin, Natalia Mantini, Neva Wireko, Texas Isaiah, Tim Kellner, and Zamar Velez.

About Google Pixel

Within the last year, Google has made significant updates to Google Pixel 6’s camera software with Real Tone, a larger initiative to build a more equitable experience across all its camera and image products. Far from the days of the Shirley card, Google Pixel 6 more accurately highlights the nuances of different skin tones beautifully and authentically. For Google this is a mission, not a moment, because everyone deserves to be seen as they are.

American Black Beauty Vol. 1

by Micaiah Carter

Feb 11, 2022 – April 24, 2022


Fine art. Fashion. Family. And everything in between. It was all on display at American Black Beauty Vol. 1, a SN37 exhibition by photographer & filmmaker Micaiah Carter. The photography features Black men and women, drawing attention to the void in representation on both sides of the camera. In his own words, the show “alludes to his desire to see beauty in himself and how he’s represented.” It is also in honor of his late father, who passed in 2021. Carter has included home videos and photographs from his father, paying homage to the role he played in his life, and looking forward to future Black generations.

The proceeds from the sale of select work from Carter’s show were donated to Agent Orange Record to provide support for Vietnam Veterans that have been impacted by Agent Orange.

Go Home

by Tyrell Hampton

Nov 20, 2021 – Jan 30, 2022


Go Home is the inaugural SN37 exhibition by Tyrell Hampton, a photographer & filmmaker whose work evokes a sense of movement and life and captures subjects amidst moments of joy and unbridled exuberance.

The show, which features a primarily black and white selection of Hampton’s images of partygoers, is a nod to his initiation into city life as a teenager first experiencing New York City. Speaking to his own experience, the work evokes a fantastical world once only available to him through movies and television, which gradually became reality as his perspective shifted from that of a voyeur to a participant. The images, created between 2016 and the present, celebrate community in a poignant commentary on our human need for connection. Hampton, who grew up dancing, likens moving through the dark room of a club to creating choreography: anticipating the moves of those around you and responding with your own rhythms. See a sample of the photographs on exhibit below.

The proceeds from the sale of select work from Hampton’s show will be donated to the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation to provide vital scholarship assistance dedicated for male students to receive superior training at The Ailey School.