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Seaport Arts


The Seaport has long been known as place for creation. When the printing press industry flourished here alongside the growth of the shipping trade in the eighteenth century, the neighborhood was a melting pot, bustling with New Yorkers and newcomers from a wide array of cultures. Today, these hallmarks of the Seaport live on in our commitment to culture and the arts—and our support of emerging, diverse and local talent.

Seaport Arts is more than a showcase for creators; it’s an invitation to our local community, welcoming one and all to come and enjoy a rotating slate of exhibitions, installations and special events throughout the year. The neighborhood’s piers, cobblestones and historic storefronts serve as a unique open-air gallery space, providing exciting opportunities to showcase one-of-a-kind pieces and experiences by an eclectic roster of artists.

Here’s what’s currently on show.


Past Shows