Fall Book Picks from McNally Jackson Bookstore

Fall Book Picks from McNally Jackson Bookstore

Since opening 15 years ago, McNally Jackson Books in Soho has been one of NYC’s most beloved independent bookstores. A second location opened in Williamsburg in 2018, and now the third outpost has opened here in the Seaport District. With a home on the historic cobblestones of Fulton Street, and cozy interiors featuring exposed brick and leather couches, the new book shop is a book lover’s dream.

Looking for your next great read, but not sure where to start? Let the McNally Jackson Seaport team point you in the right direction with one of these top fall book recommendations.

Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead
by Olga Tokarczuk
Eastern European Literature

An aging woman in rural Poland investigates murders of local potentates. The narrative is linear and limited to Janina’s perspective, lending it a claustrophobic, solipsistic feel that leaves usquestioning her sanity—and ultimately our own. —Recommended by Cosmo

The Book of Mistakes
by Corinna Luyken

Everyone, big and small, makes mistakes. This stunning book shows us how to embrace these every day errors and incorporate them into the big, beautiful, messy masterpiece of life. —Recommended by Katie

How to Do Nothing
by Jenny Odell
Digital Culture

A more accurate title might be: “How To Reconsider What It Means To Do Something.” Reading this book, I began to notice how I interact with the bodies around me—bird, tree, human, creek,
neighborhood—and how paying them fuller attention might make me a better person, both happier and more truly alive. —Recommended by Maddie

This Land: How Cowboys, Capitalism, and Corruption are Ruining the America West
by Christopher Ketcham
Issues & Politics

Ketcham is irate about what is happening to our public lands, as we all should be: overgrazing, aggressive deforestation, and the ‘culling’ of wild animals. His writing about the beauty of the remarkable protected lands and organisms that are unique to this region of the world, some of the last remaining wild places on Planet Earth, is what truly sets the book apart. —Recommended by Jeff 

The Wedding Party
by Jasmine Guillory

The last book in the trio, and the perfect conclusion for my new favorite friends. Thoughtful, steamy, and fun! I can’t wait for Guillory’s next round of characters.  —Recommended by Genay

Drop by McNally Jackson at 4 Fulton Street for more recommendations and the latest releases. The store is open 11am–9pm Monday to Thursday, 11am–10 pm Friday, 10am–10pm Saturday and 10am–9pm Sunday.