Where to Pregame for Summer Concerts at Pier 17

Where to Pregame for Summer Concerts at Pier 17

We’re midway through summer and the Summer Concert Series on The Rooftop at Pier 17 is in full swing. If you haven’t caught a show at one of the best live music venues in New York City yet, there’s still time to get your tickets to see big-name acts and on-the-rise stars at concerts through October.

Once you’ve got your dates lined up, it’s time to think of where to pregame. The good news? The Seaport District is home to an impressive clutch of bars and restaurants perfect for pre-concert drinks. In fact, it may be too hard to choose just one—and who says you need to? Feel free to craft your own bar crawl from this list of the top watering holes in and around the Seaport, and get ready for an epic night ahead.

When You Want to Mingle With Seaport Locals

If you’re wondering where local residents and Seaport business owners and workers go for happy hour—always a true test of a great bar—try one of these popular neighborhood spots, all a short walk away from Pier 17.

On the corner of South Street and Peck Slip, you’ll find The Paris Café, which has been around since 1873, making it the oldest bar in the neighborhood. It’s a great place to convene with friends, grab a bite or check in on the game before the show—or simply enjoy the Monday­–Friday happy hour from 4–7pm. Around the corner is Fresh Salt, a low-key neighborhood bar with good food, cozy booths inside and tables outside on Beekman Street. Happy hour specials are available from 4–8pm daily. For more of a pub vibe, head nearby to Dorlans Tavern & Oyster Bar on Front Street and join the lively fray of local workers lingering over beer, wine and bar snacks. Over near the corner of John and Front Streets, Trading Post draws a well-heeled crowd of locals with its classy bar area, nooks, booths, and extensive menus, both food and beverage-wise. 

When Pregaming Means a Good Glass of Wine

‘Tis the season of rosé—or Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, or whatever your poison may be when it comes to vino. Happily, there are plenty of places in the Seaport to savor a glass or two of your favorite, starting with Garden Bar, on the cobblestones of Fulton Street. This breezy outdoor bar serves as the heart of the neighborhood in summer, and there’s plenty of seating and space for congregating with your concert crew or meeting new friends. Nearby at 10 Corso Como Restaurant & Café, you can peruse an extensive wine list featuring more than 100 Italian French and local wines. At Bin 220 on Front Street, the wine list is divided into “light, fruity and juicy” or “dry full-bodied,” based on the taste preferences of the owners; happy hour here is from 2–6pm weekdays and 12–4pm on weekends. Just up the street at the stylish Coco Bistro, there’s a rosé-all-day menu, along with rosé ice cream and a house Coco Frosé. If you’re looking for a glass of wine in an incredibly romantic, intimate setting, hop across the street (Peck Slip) and stroll through the lobby of Mr. C Seaport Hotel to the jewel-box of a bar nestled at the back. (Or, book a room so you won’t have far to travel after the show.)

When Nothing but a Dive Bar Will Do

The definition of a dive bar is in the eye of the beholder (or in the taste of the drinker), but if something laidback, casual and occasionally rowdy is what you’re looking for before rocking out, one of these local spots may be right up your alley. It shouldn’t be hard to find fellow hard-partying patrons at Fish Market on South Street (right across from Pier 17)—along with one of drinking’s best friends—Chinese food. For more of a Southern menu with cheap drinks and monthly themed specials, head to Cowgirl Sea-Horse, which hosts regular trivia nights, live music, and taco Tuesdays. (It’s a fun place for dinner, too, especially if you’re bringing the kids to a concert.) If you’re rolling with a large crew and need someplace downhome to meet and enjoy 32-ounce Styrofoam cups of beer before your show, point everyone on the group text towards Jeremy’s Ale House on Front Street. 

When You’re Craving Some Cocktail Cool

Thanks to the rise of craft cocktail culture, it’s easy to find delicious and creative cocktails all over the city—and the Seaport, at places like The FultonWayō, and R17A little further afield in the Financial District, you’ll also find excellent cocktails at spots like Manhatta (fancy), The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog (deadly serious about mixology, and the home of historically accurate cocktails) and Recreation, the sprawling living room-styled space upstairs at the Moxy NYC Downtown hotel (think punch bowls, keg-tapped cocktails, Jenga and arcade games).

Don’t forget—there’s still time to get your tickets for summer concerts at Pier 17 here.