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Meet Bright Moments New York


Generative art. IRL minting. Be a part of the dynamic digital art movement here at the Seaport. Bright Moments New York is a new semi-permanent gallery at 204 Front Street, open for exhibitions and community events from April through June, 2023.

Debuting with Emily Edelman’s Agar, the space will become a vibrant hub for emerging art and exciting developments in the Web3 and generative art worlds. Drop in to learn more, check out the latest pieces, chat with artists and join meetups with the Bright Moments community.

About Bright Moments

Bright Moments is an NFT Art Gallery that started in Venice Beach, and has gone on to establish crypto art communities around the world through the creation of live IRL minting experiences. They go to cities around the world creating unforgettable events that are centered on the experience of minting generative & AI art. Bright Moments is composed of a pixel art collection called CryptoCitizens, created by QianQian, which are released in batches of 1,000 and minted IRL in each city that they go to. Leaving a global footprint in the form of physical galleries in each of the city, Bright Moments continues hosting generative art events, meetups, and experiences.

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