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DEMO2023 S+5
Creative Science
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Outdoor sculpture. Textile works. Breath that becomes liquid and imagined tools for communing with a changed planet. Science and art are inseparable in the new outdoor exhibition at the Heineken Riverdeck on Pier 17.

For the members of the New Museum’s cultural incubator NEW INC, the climate crisis is about more than the damage to our ecosystem alone; it’s also about the impact on humanity.  The way humans see themselves as part of interconnected natural systems; the makeup of our bodies—and how it’s all changing.

The Creative Science Showcase exhibition is part of NEW INC’s art and technology festival DEMO2023, and is supported by Science Sandbox, an organization that supports boundary-pushing, interdisciplinary projects in science and culture.

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On View:
June 16 – July 2

Heineken Riverdeck
North side of Pier 17
89 South Street

Featured Works

Meet the Artists

Headshot of artist Anastasiia Raina

Anastasiia Raina

Anastasiia Raina is a Ukrainian-born designer, researcher, and Assistant Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work explores synthetic biology, AI-augmented creativity, and design futures — illuminating entangled and fraught relationships between nature, technology, and humanity.

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Headshot of Aroussiak Gabrielian

Aroussiak Gabrielian

Aroussiak Gabrielian is a Los Angeles-based environmental designer, and Assistant Professor at USC School of Architecture, where she directs the Landscape Futures Lab, focused on climate innovation and imagination. As a bioartist, she works with living organisms, natural systems, and atmospheric phenomena to help us rethink our interactions with our planet.

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Headshot of Dakota Gearhart

Dakota Gearheart

Dakota Gearhart is a New York City-based transmedia artist and adjunct professor at The New School and New York University. Her practice explores the effects of modern science and technology with an ecofeminist worldview. She seeks to make the familiar strange—and sometimes the strange familiar—to envision a more robust, less oppressive future.

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Headshot of Jessica Charlesworth & Tim Parsons

Parson & Charlesworth (Jessica Charlesworth, Tim Parsons)

Parsons & Charlesworth is an art and design studio founded by Jessica Charlesworth & Tim Parsons. The studio’s investigative, research-driven, speculative approach uses installation, sculpture, designed objects, writing, photography and digital media to explore key social, ecological and technological challenges of our time.

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The Flint Collective (Leela Shanker)

Leela Shanker, an Australian New Yorker, is an Architectural Lighting Designer and the Founder of the Flint Collective NYC Inc – a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation working with the medium of light to enhance public space and collective experiences of the built environment.

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Fragmentario (Maria-Elena Pombo)

Working under the moniker Fragmentario, María-Elena Pombo is an interdisciplinary artist whose research-based practice seeks to dismantle hegemonic narratives and create alternative ones. Pombo is faculty at Parsons School of Design, teaching and developing curriculum for studio classes with a focus on research and experimentation.

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Trash Club (Morgan Mueller)

Trash Club is a community platform for the ongoing investigation of waste in New York City and beyond, founded by Rashida Kamal, Emily Lin, and Morgan Mueller. At its core, Trash Club is driven by the idea that “there is no away.” It is an attempt to grapple with the objects, places, and people that fall outside of the usual systems of counting, inventory, and categorization.

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Headshot of Russell Ladson

Russell Ladson

Russell Ladson is an artist and researcher based in Oakland, CA. His practice uses modes of computation to investigate the relationships and possibilities between the more-than-human world and other living matter that explore space, time, and memory. Ladson’s experimental work provides alternatives to dominant narratives in traditional science and technology studies.

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About The Project S+6


NEW INC was founded by the New Museum in 2014 and is the first museum-led cultural incubator dedicated to supporting innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship across art, design, and technology. It occupies eight thousand square feet of dedicated office, workshop, social, and presentation space, and each year attracts an outstanding interdisciplinary community of one hundred members who are investigating new ideas and developing sustainable practices.

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