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Fragments of
the Dreams:
A Surrealist Vision

Surreal photography. The Power of imagination and celebration of human creativity. “Fragments of the Dreams: A Surrealist Vision” invites viewers to step into a world where imagination knows no bounds. This captivating collection of works celebrates the innovative vision of photographers who dare to explore the realms of the subconscious.

The featured artworks transport you to parallel universes, where everyday objects assume new meanings, the familiar merges with the otherworldly. As you explore, you’ll find yourself questioning the nature of reality, encountering distorted perspectives, floating figures, and unexpected juxtapositions.

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On View:
June 22 – July 29, 2023
10:00am – 8:00pm daily

Curated By:
An Loremi, SuperRare

0x.17 Gallery
Ground Floor, Pier 17
89 South Street

Featured Works S+4


I’m Tired by Ben Sank, @BENZANK
Pillows Don’t Talk They Listen by Brooke DiDonato, @BROOKEDIDONATO
Lavender by Cowboy Killer, @THECOWBOYKILLER
Yours Truly by Iness Rychlik, @INESSRYCHLIK
Every Angel is Terrifying by Israel Riqueros, @ISRAELRIQUEROS
Swan Lake by Samantha Cavet, @SAMANTHACAVET
Chemical Baptism Three: Coming Down by Summer Wagner, @SUMMERGWAGNER

About SuperRare S+3


Founded in 2018, SuperRare is the leading curated NFT marketplace for unique digital artworks, with more than $300M in total sales and more than $180M earned by artists to date. Each artwork on SR is an original and authentic single edition produced by a top digital creator, then tokenized for easy ownership and trading. One of the earliest champions of perpetual artist royalties, SuperRare is a user-controlled and curated marketplace governed by $RARE token holders. Curation is decentralized on the platform, with artists being on-boarded by curators at both SuperRare Labs as well as SuperRare Spaces, who are independent galleries on SuperRare voted in by $RARE token holders.

With a mission to revolutionize the economics of human creativity, SuperRare is building a new art market that anyone can access. SuperRare is a network of, by and for creatives, focused on shepherding the digital renaissance as an emerging global art movement that will radically alter our relationships to and participation with digital art.

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