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Living Canvas By Bright Moments S+5

Immerse yourself in a world of boundless creativity at ‘Living Canvas,’ an artful day of creation and connection hosted by Bright Moments and the Seaport. Experience the union of diverse forms of artistic expression, from cutting-edge AI and generative art to the timeless traditions of painting, spray painting, and drawing.

Within ‘Living Canvas’ lies the ‘Dream Machine,’ an AI-powered experience that empowers visitors to create imagery that is only bounded by their imagination. Connect with fellow art enthusiasts and the local community through artistic expression in the heart of the Seaport.

Event Info

Wednesday, October 4
2:00pm – 9:00pm

Bright Moments New York
204 Front Street

About Bright Moments

Be a part of the dynamic digital art movement here at the Seaport. Bright Moments New York is a new semi-permanent gallery at 204 Front Street, open for exhibitions and community events from April through June, 2023.

Having debuted with Emily Edelman’s Agar on April 11, the space has become a vibrant hub for emerging art and exciting developments in the Web3 and generative art worlds.

Bright Moments is an NFT Art Gallery that started in Venice Beach, and has gone on to establish crypto art communities around the world through the creation of live IRL minting experiences.

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