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SN37 Gallery: National Anthem

Rural America. Bold portraiture. Step inside the diverse and ever-evolving queer rodeo circuit. For its fourth exhibition, the Seaport’s SN37 Gallery welcomes the work of filmmaker and photographer Luke Gilford. Born in Denver, Colorado, Gilford spent four years traveling the Southwest to document the thriving queer communities in rural areas of the country. This culminated in Gilford’s first monograph, National Anthem, published in 2020 — and now, in his first solo show in New York. National Anthem features large-scale prints of Gilford’s images that capture the deep kinship in the queer rodeo world.

SN37 donates proceeds of each exhibition to an organization of the artists’ choosing; the proceeds from the sale of works from Gilford’s show will be donated to the International Gay Rodeo Association. 

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Luke Gilford is a director and photographer currently based in New York City and Los Angeles. His work has been exhibited around the world; including at MoMA in New York and FOAM in Amsterdam, as well as at Sundance’s NEXT festival. Luke’s work provides a poetic and cinematic look into his surreal world, combining a unique visual style with a strong sense of intimacy with his subjects.


SN37 is a creative agency that represents a diverse roster of celebrated image makers such as Shaniqwa Jarvis, Adrienne Raquel, Luke Gilford and Micaiah Carter and seeks to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all viewers to engage with the arts. SN37 is dedicated to representing a new era of multifaceted image makers across art, advertising and entertainment. Their new gallery space, located at the Seaport, showcases a diverse group of image makers, bringing their work to life for the New York City community. Through engaging, inclusive, artist-focused programming, the SN37 Gallery aims to provide a welcoming space for all viewers.


SN37 Gallery
204 Front Street

July 15 – August 28
Wednesdays – Sundays, 12pm-8pm