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Hoops. Buckets. And dunks galore. Start warming up and save the week of August 1–August 9 for this year’s session of The Court at the Seaport, a celebration of all things basketball. In partnership with LA non-profit Hoopbus, The Court will host an open tournament (featuring men’s and women’s divisions), dunk contests, open play, and daily youth programs featuring celebrity coaches. Fun challenges, music and entertainment will be part of the mix throughout the week. Come on down, hit the court, and take part in activities presented by partners including FC21 Qualifier with Bobbito Garcia, AM Hoops, Junior WNBA, Lay the Guns Down, Wheelchair Sports Federation, and appearances from George the Messiah, Cole Holiday, Ball is Life Zay, and more!

Remember that basketball is a physical sport and the Seaport assumes no responsibility for any injuries or loss of personal property when using The Court.

Event Info

August 1-9, 2024

Seaport Square
89 South Street, between Piers 16 & 17

The Schedule S+31


8-10am: Open Court

10am-12pm: Dudo Baez League Game
A feature 3×3 showcase game featuring players at the middle school and high school levels. Hosted by Roman Perez.

    • 1 Youth Girls Game 
    • 1 Youth Boys Game 

12-2pm: TBA

4-5pm: Messiah vs the World
An open challenge to any hooper ready to step onto the court with New York City’s undisputed champion: George the Messiah. Hosted by He Got Next.

5-7pm: Buckets and Brunch Run
Buckets ‘n Brunch is a NY based community that gives women a space to bond over their shared love for the game (& brunch). Whether it’s someone’s weekly therapy, their competitive outlet or an opportunity to form new friendships — there’s always a way to get Buckets. To play, DM @BucketsNBrunch on instagram.

7-8pm: Open Court


7-9am: AM Hoops Run
A basketball run for the early rising New Yorker. Hosted by Jacob Forch.

10am-1:30pm Bucket Fam
An open to public youth clinic and two showcase games of top middle and high school talent. Hosted by Stephen Doyle, Founder of Bucket Fam.

    • 10-11:30am: Youth Skills Clinic (10-15)
    • 11:30am-12:30pm: Bucket Fam Game 1, Middle School
    • 12:30-1:30pm: Bucket Fam Game 2, High School

3-5pm: Open Court

5-8pm: Open Run vs Team Hoopbus
An open run is an open invitational for pickup basketball coordinated with an MC. This is a chance for the general public to participate in 5v5 basketball, the games will be co-ed and to a set score, the winner stays on. These runs will be curated by Team Hoopbus and hosted by Majesty Da Rebel.


10am-7pm: Lay The Guns Down Community Day
Hosted by Michael Tucker

Lay The Guns Down is a community organization dedicated to ending gun violence by providing safe spaces for kids to pick up basketballs rather than weapons. This day-long community block party includes games, musical performances, and appearances and public speaking from city officials and those impacted by gun violence.


Sunday, AUGUST 4

9-11am: Sunday Washed Club Run
The Washed Club is a group of creatives who like to hoop and have fun. This is a private run – to play, DM @sundaywashedclub on Instagram.

12-1pm: Youth Open Skills Clinic
A free to community skills clinic for 11-16 year old players. Hosted by Roman Perez, the clinic is accessible to all. Players should come with a basketball, a desire to sweat, and a positive attitude. Sign ups will be available on site.

1-3pm: FC21 Qualifier
Full court 21 is basketball’s first and only 1-on-5 tournament! Multiple defenders guarding whichever player has the ball. No teams. No teammates. You against the world! FC21 is founded by Bobbito Garcia and is open to HS + adults of all backgrounds. Players looking to participate should arrive for sign ups at 12:00pm. Hosted by Roman Perez and Bobbito

3-5pm: Hoopbus Programming

5-8pm: Open Court

Monday, AUGUST 5

10am-1pm: PeacePlayers – Cultural Arts Academy
PeacePlayers offers basketball programming, peace education, and leadership development. A private basketball workshop for 30 students at the Cultural Arts Academy in grades 3-5. A chance for students to have an engaging experience outside of the classroom.

1-3pm: TBA

5-7pm: Regular Hoops Open Run
A community dedicated to capturing and cultivating relatable basketball moments for the everyday hooper. Hosted by Regular Danny. A curated run – to play, DM @regularhoops.

7-8pm: Open Court

Tuesday, AUGUST 6

11am-2pm: TBA

3-5pm: Open Court

6-8pm: NYPD vs the Streets
A feature showcase game open to those ready to take on the law, a team representing the NYPD will be calling challengers to play in an open run from 6-8pm. Hosted by Majesty Da Rebel.

Wednesday, AUGUST 7

An open youth clinic, game of Ultimate 21 for middle school players, and an all star high school showcase game. Hosted by Haron H2o Hargrave.

Time – TBA

Thursday, AUGUST 8

Wheelchair Sports Federation and JR WNBA
An open invitation to those brave enough to try Wheelchair basketball, the ultimate basketball game. This open youth clinic will be followed by a showcase game put forth from NYC athletes in the Wheelchair Sports Federation. Hosted by John Hamre

10-11am: Youth Wheelchair Clinic – Wheelchair Sports Federation

11am-12:30pm: All Star Wheelchair Showcase

1-3pm: Open Court

4pm: JR WNBA Skills Clinic

    • 4TK training grounds
    • 4TK 35 and over all star game


Friday, AUGUST 9

Seaport Shutdown

Time – TBA

About HoopBus

Hoop Bus Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that amplifies community engagement through the vehicles of change. They partner with nonprofits, schools and brands to increase attendance, awareness and engagement at events, and spread love through basketball. HoopBus’ mission is to bring basketball into communities amplifying engagement, inspiring kids, and advocating for an inclusive and equitable society for all.

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