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Peace, Love & Happiness

Sculptures by Scott Gerber

Peace, Love & Happiness was created in Spring 2020 by Scott Gerber, artist and founder of Tube Dude. Gerber designed the piece for the Seaport as a way for people to come together and heal through art. The “Peace Sign” is a signal to viewers to bring calm to one’s mind when distracted not only by major global events, but also by everyday occurrences. By crafting the “Heart”, Gerber urges the viewer to be kind and spread love to those who are suffering. Lastly, the “Smiley Face” is meant to evoke happiness and positivity to the  viewers so that they in turn may spread joy through our communities. Through its simple yet powerful iconography, “Peace, Love and Happiness” sends a universal message of hope and altruism to all that view the installation.

Find the sculptures on the Heineken Riverdeck at Pier 17.