Let’s obé

Let’s obé

Sweat. Sculpt. But make it fun. As the team at obé Fitness knows, one of the best ways to make a workout easier is to turn it into play—or dance. A high-energy obé sculpt class will help you tone up, feel the burn, then savor the stretches of a cool-down. Curious to learn more? Two rockstar instructors from obé Fitness are headed to The Rooftop at Pier 17 on August 31 for a special Seaport Fit Plus-Up x obé Fitness class. You can purchase tickets for the class now, and get a taste for what’s to come—along with a few tips for those challenging workout moves—below, as two of obé Fitness’s most popular NYC-based instructors, Spencer J and Sam G, share their secrets to staying motivated. 

obe fitness class on the Rooftop at Pier 17

About the Instructors

Growing up, Spencer always wanted to be on Broadway, and began auditioning for shows after moving to NYC for college. After dancing in shows for a decade, he started working at a boutique fitness studio when dance cardio became all the rage. 

Sam has studied dance since she was a kid, and continued to dance professionally after receiving her BFA from The University of Michigan. Her interest in fitness and nutrition led her to work teaching group dance cardio and sculpt classes, along with coaching private clients.

What are your personal fitness philosophies?

Spencer: Working out CAN and should be something you do to make you happy—not just to do it! Otherwise, you will never incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Sam: Move your body because you CAN! Not because you have to. And make sure you find something you love. You shouldn’t dread working out.

obe fitness class on the rooftop at Pier 17

What makes obé Fitness a great workout choice and why did you want to join the team?

Spencer: I love the idea of working out for your mental wellness and, along the way, reaching goals like losing weight or becoming stronger. 

Sam: obé fitness is a one-stop shop for every single body that you can do anywhere, any time. obé isn’t just a fitness app, it’s a community filled with inclusion, pride, and acceptance. 

What’s your favorite exercise move, and what’s your top tip for doing it right? Or making it easier?

Spencer: Squats with a leg lift on the top to work your balance and core. My tip would be: Think of sitting back in the chair and then at the bottom you should be able to lift your toes off the ground. And then when you come up, remember to keep your standing knee slightly bent. 

Sam: Planks! Top tip: If you’re having trouble, start in an elevated plank (bring your hands to a wall/couch/chair) or with your knees down on the floor. As you get stronger you can then progress to a full plank.

obe fitness class on the rooftop at Pier 17

What about your least favorite exercise move?

Spencer: Burpees.

Sam: Jump squats.

Please tell us you enjoy some lazy days as well! How do you like to relax?

Spencer: Of course, usually on Sundays! Those days consist of errands (grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning) and then a fun activity like movies, going out to eat, or meeting with friends.

Sam: I’m the type of person who always needs to be doing something, which is definitely something I am working on. I do always take one to two days of rest from high-intensity workouts, and I like to incorporate some active recovery to my days off, whether it be a walk around my neighborhood or some light stretching and foam rolling. 

Favorite musical or performer?

Spencer: Britney Spears (circa 2001).

Sam: Hairspray! And Bruno Mars.

obe fitness class on the rooftop at Pier 17

Favorite summer song for working out or for getting ready to GO out?

Spencer: Anything by Kim Petras.

Sam: I love the Cedric Gervais/Carlos Cid remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness.”

All-time favorite thing to do in NYC?

Spencer: This is hard, but I think it’s just going out and enjoying this crazy city’s amazing food scene.

Sam: Definitely going out to eat. Especially during the holiday season.

Learn more about obé Fitness, at obefitness.com. You can sign up for Sam and Spencer’s Seaport Fit Plus-Up x obé Fitness class on August 31st here.