Rachel… Rachel Fitness

Rachel… Rachel Fitness

Get strong. Feel accomplished. Live healthy. Thanks to Rachel Fitness, you can do it all in just 30 minutes. New Yorker Rachel Robinson’s signature workouts have a hardcore following on account of her magnetic, motivational spirit. And If you didn’t have a chance to experience the incredible energy for yourself at the Seaport Fit Plus-Up Rachel Fitness class last night, you can still get to know more about the inimitable Rachel right here.

How did you get into fitness?

I got into fitness for personal reasons. I grew up as an athlete. Then, in my early-to-mid-twenties I was on a few MTV reality shows (The Challenge and Road Rules) and it was the first time in my life where I was out of my routine of being active. I had to work hard to get back into shape. It was tough, physically and emotionally, to not feel like my best self.

This taught me how much my mental health was tied to my movement and the feeling of accomplishment a workout gives you — how it affects your whole productivity for the day. Years later, I got into personal training, because I love to have a positive impact on people. I built a clientele and eventually got into group fitness – becoming a master instructor at Barry’s. Once Covid hit, I took my workouts online and launched Rachel Fitness. Originally, it was daily 30-minute Live Instagram workouts. There, the community grew and was such an encouraging and uplifting space for thousands of people. My kids were able to see me workout; I was able to work out from home every day; and my physical and mental health reached a new level.

I then launched my platform rachelfitness.com where my community can work out daily — choosing from hundreds of classes, focused on different body parts, and amount of time — and can participate in monthly challenges. 

What can newbies expect if they sign up for Rachel Fitness workouts?

Rachel Fitness is about doing the most effective workout in a time-efficient manner. 

I believe my wife, Natalie Gee, says it best: The workouts are 30 minutes. The workouts are strength training. You can make sure you get the most out of the 30 minutes by making sure you are giving it 100% while you are doing it. The workouts change weekly, and equipment is very manageable to have in your home. The workouts stimulate your body and your mind because you begin to appreciate and respect your strength (regardless of how much weight you lift).

Every Sunday, you receive an email with the week’s requirements, allowing you to plan. Through the app, you have access to over 1,000 workouts, monthly Zoom meetups, meal plans, and challenges. I have personally never felt a community like the one that @rachel_fitness has. It is a group that focuses on strength, not weight —something revolutionary that I believe. 

What is your fitness philosophy?

To be as pressure-free as possible. You do it and enjoy it. Find a fitness routine you enjoy and really commit to the discipline of doing it every day or five times a week. Show up for yourself. My method is 30 minutes a day, 5 x a week. I also incorporate runs and 10,000 steps a day.

Who are your role models?

In terms of sports and fitness, I would have to say I’m inspired by professional athletes who have overcome adversity and those who speak their mind. So, right now the one that stands out for me is Megan Rapinoe. Women who are on the front lines of equality, like Jane Fonda and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, are also role models for me. They inspire my strength.

Rachel Fitness

What does it mean to you to motivate others?

Honestly, I lead by example. I do this because I need it; I believe in it, I know it works, and it’s my passion. Having people along for the ride has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. My community is incredible.

What is your ultimate career goal?

I would love to have a fitness talk show, where people would work out with me and then I would interview them — actresses, musicians, writers, etc. Let’s make it happen! 

Any favorite ways to fuel your workouts?

I have a protein smoothie a few times a week. I love electrolytes in my water. I keep a high-protein diet, which keeps me energetic. I don’t drink very much, and I also indulge when the time calls for it. I have a very natural approach to nutrition, but I always notice my energy is way higher the healthier I keep it.

Rachel Fitness class on the Rooftop at Pier 17

How do you like to unwind?

I love to be with my family — my wife and kids make me feel the most fulfilled. I love taking vacations together, but I also love spending time at home together. I can still party occasionally — just earlier now!

What does leading a Rachel Fitness workout at the Seaport mean to you? 

I was born in NYC. I moved back when I was 19, and it is home for me on many levels. NYC is truly the greatest city and I am beyond excited to be teaching at the Seaport. I can’t wait! 

Also, if you are thinking about doing something for yourself in the comfort of your home or anywhere you are, @rachel_fitness is for you. Sign up with code summer23 and remember I am doing this too, and I’ll do some LIVES so you can see how I modify to share inspiration!